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Our instructors have the passion and dedication required to motivate their students and provide the highest quality of instruction in every class.


Top Level is not simply a name, it’s something our team strives for every day.

All TLT Masters and Instructors possess a genuine passion for spreading the values and benefits of martial arts training to the students in the community.

They take their roles as leaders very seriously and ensure every student who enters our academy receives the guidance and attention necessary to achieve their goals both inside and outside of TLT.

Our team is here to help our students improve their quality of life while building character and improving self confidence. There is no greater feeling for us than watching our students succeed. 

Master Mitchell Sousa

Master Sousa has dedicated his life to the practice and teaching of Taekwondo. Over the last 25 years, Master Sousa has earned a 5th Dan Black Belt, competed as a Junior

Provincial Sparring Team member and competed and coached on the national and international levels throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico. A true martial artist, Master Sousa is trained in weapons such as Nunchuks, Bo Staff, Sword and has trained in multiple disciplines such as Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Wrestling. His commitment to continually improve his lessons and skillset through instructor seminars ensures that his students receive the best and most current training available.

Master Mark Hanson

Master Mark possesses genuine love and enthusiasm for Taekwondo. He currently holds a 4 th Dan Black Belt. In addition to his Taekwondo background, Master Mark has trained for many years with world-class instructors and competitors in other systems such as Muay Thai, Grappling, Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, and Use of Force / Defensive Tactics. Master Mark is a certified Kyorugi (sparring) referee. He has competed at events across Canada and the USA. He strives to instil confidence and a sense of achievement in each of the TLT students by developing the mental and physical tools required to succeed in all areas of life.

Master Alex Vasolla

Master Vasolla has been involved in martial arts for over 35 years. He holds a 5th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and a Black Belt in Kendo. Master Vasolla has achieved a lot in competition. He is a former National champion in Poomsae and Sparring, a former 2-time Ontario champion, a 2-time Alberta Provincial champion and a former Western Canadian Champion.

Master Nancy Rana

Master Nancy graduated with a degree in Sports Science with a major in Taekwondo from Taekyeung University in Korea. She has competed at the state, national and

international level winning over a dozen championships. Now, in the 24th year of her Taekwondo journey she passes on her knowledge to the students at TLT.

Master David Kim

Master Kim is a very experienced and accomplished Master and sparring competitor. He is an 8-time Ontario Provincial Sparring Champion, a 2-time national champion and a former World Cup Bronze Medalist who has decades of experience successfully coaching students on the provincial and national level.

Instructor Shayna Samuels

Instructor Shayna began her Taekwondo journey at the age of 7 when she first met Master Sousa and Master Mark.  She quickly developed a strong passion for Taekwondo that continues to this day. Shayna has performed and competed at many

events across Canada and the USA in categories such as patterns, sparring and Demo Team.

Instructor Ciarah Gonzalez

Instructor Ciarah has experience teaching Taekwondo programs across the GTA. In addition to Taekwondo programs, she has also conducted children’s ninja programs and self-defence workshops at many elementary schools, high schools and through Girl Guides of Canada.

Instructor Justin Picard

Instructor Justin holds a 2 nd Dan Black Belt. He spent years working as an assistant in the classes while learning new skills directly from Master Sousa and Master Mark. Justin enjoys helping others and is always trying to go above and beyond for the students.



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